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Scavenger Supplies is an Australian-owned, Australia-wide specialist in industrial products and services, committed to safety and high standards for our customers. Our focus is on maintaining control systems that provide an environmentally safe and healthy workplace for all.

Established in 2002 as Conveyor Technology Services, we have consistently expanded to meet the high requirements of industry in Australia. Scavenger Supplies has two divisions – Scavenger Supplies and Scavenger Fire / Maritime Safety. These are supported by four leading brands – Scavenger Supplies, Conveyor Technology, Scavenger Fire and Safety and Grating FRP Australia. All have a comprehensive product portfolio based on quality-assured manufacturers and suppliers.

Scavenger Supplies is supported by a Quality Management System that conforms to rigorous standards, including ISO 9001:2008. We work with your company so that exacting goals of quality, price and delivery are consistently met. Every aspect of our service and delivery to you is measured, from selecting material, components and services that undergo routine inspection for specific conformity, to providing facilities, training and encouragement, backed by regular reviews and internal audits. We partner with innovative manufacturers to bring you the latest, safest and most cost-effective technologies.

We are proud of the range of solutions we provide, constantly looking for products that have perfect mechanical properties, are light weight, high strength, impact resistant, easy to maintain, with a number of other benefits so that you can concentrate on delivering the safety and environmental standards expected by your customers and employees.


We have a comprehensive product portfolio based on quality-assured manufacturers and suppliers. Contact us for our industrial supplies and safety products information.

Our Team

Our team of sales and engineers has the experience and material knowledge to support your project and we look forward to receiving your enquiry

Scavenger Supplies

Warren Blay
Managing Director

Office: Unit 4/33 Thornborough Road, Mandurah 6210, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

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M: +61 (0) 407 211 171
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Shane Crookes
Business Development Manager
(WA, SA, NT)

Gary Pickering
Sales Executive
(WA, SA, NT)

Todd Blaker
Sales Manager

Karena Hoyer
Business Development Manager

Scavenger Fire & Safety

Liz Milligan
Sales & Service Executive (WA)

  • Unit 4/33 Thornborough Road,
    Mandurah 6210, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

  • +61 (08) 9584 2500
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Brian Ryan
Special Hazard Sales  (WA)

  • Unit 4/33 Thornborough Road,
    Mandurah 6210, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

  • +61 (08) 9584 2500
    M +61 (0) 4129 6790
    F +61 (08) 9581 8897

Recent Projects

Our latest Projects in Australia

FRP Mini Mesh – Jerrabomberra Wetlands

Scavenger Supplies NSW Office supplied panels of FRP Mini Mesh to be used as decking on the Kelly's Swamp Boardwalk. This boardwalk in located  within the Jerrabomberra Wetlands in the ACT. The use of FRP Mini Mesh in this application allows for maximum water drainage through the open grating while also providing a non slip gritted surface during wet or icy conditions. The use of this style of grating allows for use throughout the year. This boardwalk also recently won a Masters Builders Awards.    

FRP Mini Mesh Grating – Tallawarra Shareway

Our NSW Office supplied FRP Mini Mesh to be used as part of the raised section of the Tallawarra Shareway path. The 30mm Mini Mesh has been used in this application as it is ideal for pets, children & cyclists with it's smaller aperture. The grit on this Mini Mesh also provides a non slip surface during rain allowing use all year & preventing any hazards.

FRP Grating – Jibbon Head Boardwalk

Scavenger Supplies NSW Office supplied FRP Mini Mesh Grating to be used as decking in the Royal National Park.   The Jibbon Head Boardwalk is located within the Royal National Park south of Sydney and overlooks historical Aboriginal rock carvings. The boardwalk is raised to protect the rock carvings from any damage.   The Mini Mesh used in this application is Black in colour and 25mm thick. It is a gritted surface to prevent people from slipping when the walking on wet surfaces.