30 01, 2014

CM6000 Rock Breaker Project Finished & Installed

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Scavenger Supplies new ROCK BREAKER installed at Boral working well and customer happy. NB: Detailed specification drawings of his model are enclosed. CM6000 180° slewing, trunnion mounted twin cylinders slewing, 2 jib boom. Max horizontal reach, 6.4 metres Max vertical reach, 6.4 metres. Recommended breaker size, 1000kgs ‰- 1750kgs Boom weight excluding breaker, 6680kgs

2 07, 2013

Rock Breaker Boom System

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Our MQ Rock Breaker booms are installed worldwide including the most extreme working environments of -45C to +40C. Our range of boom systems are superior quality and built to withstand the destructive nature of their intended application. We offer you a complete boom system package specific to your requirements. As part of the boom system package, we offer the: Rock Breaker Boom Hydraulic Power Pack Operating [...]