1 09, 2018

AERO Healthcare

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Scavenger Supplies is the new Authorised Distributor for Aero Healthcare Products About AERO Healthcare Aero Healthcare wholesales custom labelled First Aid Kits stocked with high-quality Aero Healthcare first aid products. AERO First Aid Kits meet or exceed the regulations and requirements of each region, with kits and modules designed for Industrial and Office workplaces, construction sites, vehicles, home use and more. AERO design and manufacture their first aid [...]

2 07, 2013

Rock Breaker Boom System

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Our MQ Rock Breaker booms are installed worldwide including the most extreme working environments of -45C to +40C. Our range of boom systems are superior quality and built to withstand the destructive nature of their intended application. We offer you a complete boom system package specific to your requirements. As part of the boom system package, we offer the: Rock Breaker Boom Hydraulic Power Pack Operating [...]