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Our Range of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products


Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products

Our Range of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products

Grating FRP Australia

Grating FRP Australia’s is a premier FRP products supplier and designer of high-quality Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural products and systems, providing one of the industry’s broadest product and service offerings. From the design and supply of moulded and pultruded fibreglass gratings and structural shapes to complete structural design and fabrication, and to manage FRP projects at various stages to meet the project specifications and requirements. Grating FRP Australia has been working with clients from various industries and we provide the in-depth technical advice and innovative FRP solutions to our clients.

Our Services

  • Supply and Sourcing of Top Quality FRP Products
  • Design and Engineering of FRP Structural Products To Meet the Project Specifications
  • Project Management in the various stages of the Projects from Design, Supply, Construction, Installation, and Maintainance

We have an office in NSW and our head office in Western Australia. We are the only FRP supplier with ISO 9001 QA certified practices in Australia. Contact us today for the FRP Products and Services information

Grating FRP Product Catalogues


Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products and Applications

FRP Moulded Grating

FRP Pultruded Grating Standard Panel

GRATEMATES 4WD Sand Bridging Tracks

FRP Handrail Systems

FRP & KIO Manhole Cover

FRP Sandwich Plate

FRP Pultruded Structural Shapes 

Roof Access System

Our Engineering Services, Installation, & Projects

Engineering & Installation Services

Grating FRP Australia’s projects span the country, bringing beauty and versatility to the Australian landscape. Our range saves money in so many ways, from maintenance to installation. Architects, landscapers, designers and of course, the trade, love all it has to offer. We know that you will too. Our team will cut your project to size. This is what makes us a leader in the FRP Grating industry.


Our Past FRP Projects & News

  • FRP Grating for Train Service Station

Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Grating Project at Sydney Train Service Yard

Our NSW team completed a new project at a Train Service Yard in Sydney The goal of this project is to provide a robust solution for rail service yard that require a safer working environment and reduce maintenance costs. For this project, we have used FRP Grating in Safety yellow colour and non-slip surface to ensure safety of the maintenance workers. Our customer is extremely happy with the quality and our#professional approach to complete this project on schedule and on budget. Our Project Team were installing the FRP Grating FRP Grating for Train Service Station   FRP Grating Panel is light weight, corrosion resistant, zero maintenance, lower construction cost, and fast installation, and it can be customised in different shapes and colours to meet your project requirements. Contact us today or call us at +61 (0)8 9584 2500 or +61 (0)2 4244 1008 to find out how we can help.    

Scavenger Supplies introduce the Fibreglass Profiles with Timber Finish

Scavenger Supplies introduce the Fibreglass Profiles with a timber finish. We can make anything made in a steel profile from I-beams, Angles, C-section channels and square box section. This product will never corrode and with thousands of application you just need to have the idea and we can build it. Looking for the solution on structural fibreglass don’t hesitate to contact our office. WA OFFICE: 08 9584 2500  NSW OFFICE : ‭02 4244 1008‬  

Durable and Non-Corrosive Material For Boat Trailer or Trailer Walkway

A customer was looking for a durable and non corrosive material that would allow Dirt and Mud to be hosed off easily and Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) was the perfect solution to this project. If you overhauling an old trailer or boat ? trailer walkway or just looking for a solution on structural fibreglass don’t hesitate to contact our office. WA OFFICE: 08 9584 2500  NSW OFFICE : ‭02 4244 1008‬  

Off Cuts “FRP Grating”

We have off cuts of  FRP Grating that can be cut to order call Ken today on 08 9584 2500 for great prices or call in and see us to discuss your needs