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HOLMATRO Industrial Equipment – specialist in the field of high pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools.



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Holmatro Hydraulic Industrial Tools

Specialising in high pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools. The extensive product range includes cylinders, pumps and systems for generating and controlling precision power in various industrial application.

Industrial situations often require large forces. Whether you need to lift, push, pull or position heavy loads, Holmatro Industrial tools offer you flexible, applicable and controlled power, from 5 to 1500 tonnes. High-quality products for almost any application you can think of.

Holmatro Lightweight Skidding System

Holmatro’s lightweight Skidding System is built of extremely lightweight components, so it can be easily carried, handled and positioned by one or two persons without the need for a forklift or the use of extra equipment. The maximum capacity of the system is 200 tons, assuming two skidding units are used. The total construction height is just 56 mm (2.20 inches). Despite its low height, a relatively large unsupported span is possible when the surface is uneven. The skidding capacity and control can be customized to client specifications.

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