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    • High grade wire for welding many 300 & 400 series stainless steels
    • Low carbon
    • Excellent edge wetting & arc stability
    Part No. Description
    P2-MW316L04/08 100mm/0.9kg Spool 0.8mm
    P2-MW316L04/09 100mm/0.9kg Spool 0.9mm
    2-MW316L08/08 200mm/5kg Spool 0.8mm
    2-MW316L08/09 200mm/5kg Spool 0.9mm
    2-MW316L12/09 300mm/12.5kg Spool 0.9mm
    • Very Robust, Dedicated Cutting Torch
    • Replaces Two-Piece torches for dedicated cutting
    • Long life robust design
    Part No. Description
    4-CTP5/600R Length 600mm - 90dg Right-angle Head
    4-CTP5/600S Length 600mm - 180dg Straight Head
    4-CTP5/1000R Length 1,000mm - 90dg Right-angle Head
    4-CTP5/1000S Length 1,000mm - 180dg Straight Head
    • Heavy duty performance series Oxygen/LPG cutting and brazing kits
    • 12 month warranty on regulators, blowpipe handle and cutting attachment
    • Bonus combination circle/roller guide
    Part No. Description
    4-OXLPK Platinum Series KIT
    4-OXLPK/FRT Platinum Series With Flashback Arrestors
    • Water based
    • Non - toxic
    • Paintable
    • Designed to stop spatter adhering to metal surfaces
    • With anti - rust properties
    • Can be diluted if required ( 1:1)
    Part No. Description
    9-AS4 20l Container
    9-AS3 5l Container
    9-AS2 750ml Spray Bottle
    • Patented locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection
    • Allows equipment to be quickly & safely dismantled / assembled
    • Fast Exchange Between Hoses and Different Torches
    Part No. Description
    P4-RQCO Regulator Mount - Coupler - Oxygen Or Argon
    P4-RQCF Regulator Mount - Coupler - Fuel Gas (acetylene/lpg)
    P4-RQPO Regulator Mount - Pin Only - Oxygen Or Argon
    P4-RQPF Regulator Mount - Pin Only - Fuel Gas (acetylene/lpg)
    P4-TQCO Torch Mount - Coupler - Oxygen Or Argon
    P4-TQCF Torch Mount - Coupler - Fuel Gas (acetylene/lpg)
    P4-TQPO Torch Mount - Pin Only - Oxygen Or Argon
    P4-TQPF Torch Mount - Pin Only - Fuel Gas (acetylene/lpg)
    • General purpose aluminium wire for welding a wide range of cast & wrought aluminium alloys.
    Part No. Description
    P2-MW535604/09 100mm/0.45kg Spool 0.9mm
    P2-MW535604/12 100mm/0.45kg Spool 1.2mm
    2-MW535608/09 200mm/2kg Spool 0.9mm
    2-MW535608/10 200mm/2kg Spool 1.0mm
    2-MW535608/12 200mm/2kg Spool 1.2mm
    2-MW535612/09 300mm/6kg Spool 0.9mm
    2-MW535612/10 300mm/6kg Spool 1.0mm
    2-MW535612/12 300mm/6kg Spool 1.2mm
    • Proven Consistant Quality, Long-Life Design
    • Standard Shape - Fits Common Roller/Circle Guides
    Part No. Description
    P4-T416 Size 6 (1-6mm)
    P4-T418 Size 8 (6-10mm)
    P4-T4112 Size 12 (10-20mm)
    P4-T4115 Size 15 (20-75mm)
    P4-T4120 Size 20 (75-125mm)
    P4-T4124 Size 24 (125-200mm)
    • Solid brass body and bonnet
    • 12 month warranty
    • Spare parts are available
    Part No. Description
    4-AR1 Platinum Series 0-28l/min
    • Advanced gel formula
    • Metal Tin
    • Helps maintain optimum gas coverage
    • Advanced gel designed to stop spatter adhering to mig torch parts
    • Non toxic
    Part No. Description
    9-NDG 400g Metal Tin
    • Hose is manufactured using a tried, tested and proven long life formula
    • Hose is ozone resistant and oil resistant
    Part No. Description
    4-AC5M 05 Mtr (5mm Id Blue/red)
    4-AC10M 10 Mtr (5mm Id Blue/red)
    4-AC15M 15 Mtr (5mm Id Blue/red)
    4-AC20M 20 Mtr (5mm Id Blue/red)
    • Ideal for portable use - no gas required
    • Easy to use even on steel that is slightly rusty or dirty
    Part No. Description
    P2-084FM 100mm/0.9kg Spool 0.8mm SPL
    P2-094FM 100mm/0.9kg Spool 0.9mm
    • Proven Quality, Long-Life Design
    • Standard Shape - Fits Common Roller/Circle Guides
    Part No. Description
    P4-T446 Size 6 (3-6mm)
    P4-T448 Size 8 (6-12mm)
    P4-T4412 Size 12 (12-20mm)
    P4-T4415 Size 15 (20-75mm)
    P4-T4420 Size 20 (75-125mm)
    P4-T4424 Size 24 (125-200mm)