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Sailing Gears

Ronstan Logo Red 50mm 72dpi - RONSTAN Sailing Gears

RONSTAN – Performance, Comfort, Confidence.

Designed by sailors for sailors, Ronstan’s technical wear and protective gear is developed in collaboration by our in-house designer-sailors and our team of World Class sailors to perform in the most demanding of environments. Using the latest materials and production technologies, Ronstan’s technical wear and protective gear is engineered to give you comfort and confidence for all conditions, ensuring you’ll never have to come in early on our account. We realise that making great gear isn’t just about making parts and assembling components. It’s about building your confidence, whether you’re a day-sailor or an international competitor.

Ronstan Wetsuits

Neoprene features

Developed in conjunction with our team sailors and leading experts in the latest materials and production techniques, Ronstan’s wetsuits integrate an intelligent layering system that delivers performance, warmth and flexibility for any conditions, regardless of the kind of sailing you do.

Ronstan Smock top


Perfect Solution The Regatta Smock Top’s premium technical fabrics, practical design and smart-fit features meet the demands of today’s casual and competitive sailors alike. Layered in combination with the Ronstan Thermal Top or Ronstan Rashie and you’re set for whatever the day throws at you. PFD-Ready Designed to be worn under PFD, the athletic cut makes for a closer fit, while still providing freedom of movement and zipped pockets are accessible with, or without a PFD on. Easy Access Side access breast pocket with water resistant zip provides easy access; even when wearing a PFD.

Ronstan Thermal Top

Maximum Comfort Low collar, seamless underarm panels and an athletic fit make it perfect for layering. Hydrophobic Outer Treatment Helps shield you from unwanted splashes and sprays. UV-Smart UPF 50+ UV-protection against the sun.

Ronstan Boots


Ultra-Light & Super-Flexible The perfect combination. Unrivalled Stability & Comfort Internal toe separator and outer bridge strap give you improved stability. Extra Protection Added heel, ankle and toe padding offer more protection.


Durable, synthetic leather gloves that provide max performance with minimum stretch and shrinkage for all your demanding water sport activities – sailing, kayaking, kiteboarding, SUP-ing. Double-Tough Double Aramid-stitched in high-wear areas and double-thick palms and fingers for protection and grip. Great Flex-Fit Hook-and-loop closures and mesh panels add flexibility and comfort. Versatile Low-cut wrist bands for freedom of movement and excellent ClearStart™ watch visibility and operation. Available Sizes

Clearstart™ Watches

ClearStart™ Race Timer & Sailing Watches combine contemporary styling with true sailing functionality. Featuring large buttons, easy to read displays and advanced, intuitive programming, ClearStart™ Timer and Watches are specifically designed with the racing sailor in mind. Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s top sailors, they set the standard on and off the water. If you’re looking for that competitive edge, the difference is ClearStart™.

Ronstan Sailing Dry Bags

A rugged, water resistant roll-top dry bag that is loaded with practical features and big enough for all your sailing, kiting, surfing or paddling gear delivered in a smart, ergonomic backpack that makes packing and travelling a breeze.

For the details and pricing on RONSTAN products, please contact our Sales Specialist at or Call us at +61 (0)8 9584 2500 or +61 (0)2 4244 1008

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